Name: Katrina, aka KK, Kat
Birthday: January 15th Birth Sign: Capricorn
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5ft, 8in
Pets: Dog (rip), Bunnies (4), Fish
Piercings/Tattoos: 11 piercings. 17 tattoos
Actor: Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp
Actress: Kate Beckinsale, Christina Ricci
Movies: Underworld movies, Across The Universe, Rockstar, Inception
Tv Shows: The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, Glee, Smash
Food: Ukranian
Drink: Coca-Cola, Cranberry Juice
Colors: Red, Black, Purple
Clothes: Tripp, Salvage, Karv
Body Spray: Angel Or Demon, Black XS
Flower: Black Passion Roses
Books:  Any book by Pamela Des Barres, The Rock Bible, biographies on musicians
Fav Quote: "The World's Full Of Songs You Wish You Wrote" - Scott Anderson - Finger Eleven
Someone To Meet Dead Or Alive: I would love to meet Pamela Des Barres - a famous Groupie from the 60's
who still inspires many people to follow their dreams.
Best Experience: I was on ETalk Daily as Nickelback's #1 fan back in 2005. I was chosen by the band to be
flown to Victoria to interview the band on television. To this day the guys have been super nice in letting me relive
the experience at their amazing shows!
About Katrina