Friday July 20, 2012
TCU Place - Saskatoon, SK
OK so let’s face it. When you think of Guns
N’ Roses you think of two things. Axl’s unique
voice and Slash, one of the most influential guitar
players know to two generations. You have the
die-hard Guns N’ Roses fans from when they
first became famous and you now have a new
young group taking the in the musical style that
is now known as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy
and The Conspirators.

What makes this new super group even better is
that 40% of the band is made of Canadians. Todd
Kerns the bass player and Brent Fitz on drums.
The band graced Saskatoon with their presence
on Friday July 20th at TCU Place where the night
was filled with the famous GNR tunes like “My
Michelle” and “Sweet Child Of Mine”.

Slash also catered to the new fan database with
songs off the Apocalyptic Love CD like “You’re a
Lie” and “Not for Me” which came out earlier this
year as well as songs from the self-titled CD which
includes collaborations with many artists. Fans
were eager to sing to some tunes from Slash’s
former band Velvet Revolver with the hits “Fall to
Pieces” and “Slither”. Myles Kennedy delivered a
mind blowing performance song after song until
the middle of the set when Saskatchewan born
Todd Kerns (Age of Electric, Sin City Sinners) took
over. Slash introduces “One of our very own” and
thanks the roaring audience for delivering this
bad-ass mother fucker to sing “Dr. Alibi” and “You’re
Crazy” while Kennedy takes a break back-stage.

What we have come to know and love of Slash is
his solos and doesn’t disappoint with a solo that
leads into the God Father theme song which
excites fans. To top off the night the very last
song “Paradise City” is even more magical when
confetti explodes into the crown and all you see
is sparkle, which takes you home for the night.
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