Motley Crue
Thursday May 2, 2013
Credit Union Centre - Saskatoon, SK
The tour that came through Saskatoon on May
2nd was not what we are used to seeing in the
spectacle that has been known as Motley Crue.
Sure there were the hits like “Girls Girls Girls”,
and “Kick Start My Heart” and newer songs
“Mutherfucker of the Year” and “Saints of Los
Angeles” but the show was missing something,
pyro. Yes we had some girls on stage slutting
it up and being background singers but the
fire and lights were lacking.

The show started with the band parading
through the venue with banners and flags and
only Vince was willing to high-five the fans that
waited to see them. Although the music was at
the prime, for which I got to sing into Vince’s
mic for “Home Sweet Home”, I missed the show l
ike Carnival Of Sins from 2007.

The show only had about five-thousand people
attending which left a mass of empty seats,
probably because for $150 a  ticket is one of
the most expensive concerts in a long time.
One unique aspect was the roller coaster of
Tommy Lee’s drum kit that had him play upside
down. A fan was also chosen to ride it with
Mr. Lee through a contest from our local radio
station ROCK102.

Overall the show was good, I can’t say great
because for the most part the band stood
at their microphone stands and didn’t look
like they cared but it was at least a show.
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