Big Wreck
Wednesday December 12, 2012
TCU Place - Saskatoon, SK
Dear members of Big Wreck. First of all I would
like to apologize on behalf of Saskatoon for the
lack of enthusiasm that we demonstrated during
the course of your set. We are not normally like
this. Ian Thornley, do you remember when you
played The Roxy in 2005 and 2006 with your
solo band? We were all on our feet, front and
centre listening to your hits “Blown Wide Open’,
“The Oaf” and even “Easy Comes”. I want you
to remember us like that. You Mr. Thornley are
the perfect front man, you have the intensity in
your eyes that only a true rock star can have. I
tried to get tickets for front and centre however
I was in the third row and was appalled at the
crowd. You probably didn’t see me but I was
standing, moving to the beat the band provided.

You of course played the old hits of earlier Big
Wreck and your new single “Albatross” which
I personally found flawless. Touring with Theory
Of A Deadman was a great choice, two Canadian
bands, and I heard that you both alternated
between who was opening which was a unique
idea. Even if you were the second band tonight,
the crowd took a while to even stand for Theory.

We did not do you justice and I just hope that
this show does not sour your tastebuds for playing
for us again because the die-hard Big Wreck, and
Thornley fans will be at your next show front and
centre. Thank you again for coming to Saskatoon
and you will see me at your next show front and
centre and most importantly, standing.
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