July 24, 2009
Dale Stewart
Katrina: How did you come up with the name for your band?

Dale: The name actually came from a song. I don’t know if you remember that band Veruca Salt, a girl grunge band and they had a song
called “Seether” and we kind of liked it. The sound of the word so it kind of stuck with us.

Katrina: Who were your musical influences growing up and have they changed?

Dale: I still listen to a lot of the same bands I did when I was a kid and a lot of the same albums. I definitely listen to a lot more music now. I
discovered a lot of new music as an adult. Growing up I listened to bands like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, stuff like that. Sound
Garden, and Alice In Chains, Pantera, Deftones, all kinds of bands. A lot of great music when I was growing up. I pretty much listen to a
little bit of everything and I still listen to these bands now, a lot of great music that’s pretty timeless.

Katrina: Which artist would you like to tour or work with?

Dale: I think someone like Pearl Jam, I think that would be great. That would be a great trip.

Katrina: How do you write your songs and where do you get your ideas from?

Dale: It really depends. We don’t really have any set way that we go about writing. Sometimes we’ll come up with an idea at sound check.
Sometimes Shaun will bring a idea to us and say “Here’s an idea I have for a song”, then we collaborate on it. If really depends on
whatever works. If we’re playing something in the studio or rehearsal space and it feels good and we all like it then we stick with it. If we
don’t like it we toss it out the window and try something else. It’s really whatever works for us.

Katrina: What’s your favorite venue to play?

Dale: I say large-sized clubs, like two-thousand seat clubs. There’s a lot of people there and you feel connected to them. A lot of times, say
in a big arena or whatever, I mean it’s a great place to play in front of that many people, it’s exciting to be on a big stage like that,
sometimes you feel there’s a bit of disconnect to the fans. If you play a club or maybe a House Of Blues thing you feel like you’re really not
playing to the people but versus part of the people. Part of the whole groove in music. I think for me it’s a lot better.

Katrina: What’s your most memorable moment?
Dale: There’s many. I think one that springs to mind is we were opening up for Metallica a couple years back in my hometown where I
grew up. We played at Cricket Stadium and there was about fifty-thousand people there and family and friends were all there. And we got
to play to this enormous group of people and after that watching Metallica play for the first time. I was definitely stoked to see them play. I
think that as a musician and a fan of music that’s a day that stood out for me.

Katrina: What’s your favorite song to perform?

Dale: I think for me it kind of changes from time to time. I think at the moment “Fake It” would be my favorite. It kicks into the bass line so I
get to start the song. You get to see people’s faces light up because it’s quite a recognizable intro to the song. So as soon as you start
playing people react to it. It’s a good feeling when people seem to enjoy that one live.

Katrina: Who causes the most trouble in the group?

Dale: I think we all cause trouble.        

Katrina: What do you think makes a good live show?

Dale: I think it’s a combination of everything. I think if it’s a bad crowd not reacting well to what you’re playing, as a band you got a bad
show. If the crowds really into it and has a lot of energy then as a band you want to rock out more. I guess performing a good show that
makes people want to move. I think it’s a combination of everything. I think everybody needs to enjoy it. Try and give it their all. A lot of
energy that’s really a lot of fun.

Katrina: What advice can you give to people who are wanting to create a band?

Dale: I think you have to be willing to work. We’ve been on the road pretty much constantly for about six years and that what you need to
do. You need to keep hitting those same markets over and over, spin the singles. You really have to work at it. You don’t get nothing for
nothing. I think a lot of bands when they get done they thing oh we’re done now so everything is going to be really cool. And get packing
and get money. It’s really not like that. That’s when the work begins and you really gotta get out there and push the singles and get on the
road. Be prepared to be away from home for months at a time. It’s pretty tough you know, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Katrina: What was your favorite music video to do?

Dale: I’d say my favorite is “Remedy”. It’s the single off our last album. It was just something really different and sort of out of the box.
Dean Karr who directed it, he’s really pretty out there and he had really good ideas. He pitched the idea to us and I didn’t know what to
think of it at first but once it was done it was really cool and kind of funny. I think that’s my favorite.

Katrina: What have you learned while touring?

Dale: I think a lot. I’ve learned patience, you are around people the whole time so it’s like being married to a whole bunch of people. You
have to compromise and be considerate and I think you learn a lot. Not all of it is good probably. I really don’t know anything else. I don’t
know what it’s like to work a normal job or anything. I’ve kind of grown up on the road so what I’ve learned is good.