Saving Abel
June 14, 2010
Eric Taylor
Katrina: What experience did you gain recording the last album that contributed to this one?

Eric: Just being on tour, we were on tour for the last two and a half years and when you are out on the road and you see stuff everyday it
automatically gives you stuff to write. We have a song called “Hell Of A Ride” on the album that’s actually talking about the last couple
years touring. It’s been a hell of a ride.

Katrina: Did you experiment with any new instruments on this album?

Eric: We had them on the other album to but we hired a symphony to come in and do some strings. There is one song called “The Sex Is
Good”, it’s got a lot of percussion and stuff in it. As far as experimenting we didn’t stray too far from what we’ve always done.

Katrina: How did your band come up with the album artwork and concept?

Eric: We had the song “Miss America” in the making and we went overseas to Iraq and played some shows for the men and women in the
military. When we were over there we were like hey we got this song “Miss America” it’s a soldier writing home , so we decided to have the
album that. That’s when we had the art concept. We knew we wanted a women with  a flag, Miss America is also a term that can be used
many times , I America, Lady American, so we ended up going with a pinup style. With the five of us putting our heads together we can
come up with some crazy ideas.

Katrina: What’s your favorite song on the new album?

Eric: My favorite song is probably “Contagious”, it’s got some 80’s rock, it’s just a rockin’ song.

Katrina: What kinds of experiences influenced your lyrics?

Eric: For instance “Stupid Girl” we were at the Grammys and Hollywood is a great place, a lot of good things come out of Hollywood. It’s
also know as a trap, especially for young women, trying to become actresses and models and stuff. Marilyn Munroe actually was the
inspiration behind that song. She claimed the phrase “Always kiss before you’re kissed, leave before you’re left and forget before you’re
forgotten”. So we took that and we’re not dissing Hollywood or anything we’re saying hey be smart you know, go out there and have fun.
Be smart you’re not a stupid girl.

Katrina: Who are your musical influences growing up and have they changed?

Eric: They change with each upcoming artist. I know for all of us we’re big into classic rock and southern rock. From The Ullman Brothers
to Lynyrd Skynyrd, down to 3 Doors Down which is kind of a familiar band. Right now we’re into Them Crooked Vultures. We constantly
update our iTunes on our computer.

Katrina: How long did it take to write this album?

Eric: Well we wrote the whole time we were on tour, so some of the songs have actually been around for a little while. Probably about a
year going in and doing demos and getting into record and actually getting to track them. Probably less than a year to wrapping the album
up, while touring.

Katrina: What advice can you give to bands wanting to record an album for the first time?

Eric: Just don’t give up, keep believing in your dream. Don’t give up on it because it’s hard and it’s definitely hard work. There’s a lot of
times you want to give up but just don’t give up.

Katrina: What’s one song you wish you wrote?

Eric: Probably “Purple Rain”. That’s a song that everybody in the world knows.

Katrina: What made you go back to your producer that worked on your first album?

Eric: Skidd Mills, he’s definitely someone we always want to work with. He did very well on the first album and he knows us, he knows our
sound. He’s helped us perfect our sound so we can go in with a acoustic guitar and a rough vocal and he knows where we want to go
with it, and we know where he wants to go with it. He’s a gas to work with, he’s real fun and hopefully we’ll continue to work with him till
the end when we stop making music. Which we hope to do for a long time.
This interview was done for the release of their new album "Miss America"