Saving Abel
March 27, 2009
Scott Bartlett
Katrina: How did you come up with the name for your band?

Scott: Are you familiar with Google? We are shameless endorsers of Google. When you’re raised on the Bible, you know your Bible. There’s lots of stories and we
ended up Googling the story of Cain and Abel. There was a line in there that said that “there was no saving Abel”. It was like he already sealed his fate and it just kind
of rang. It was just one of those things, I don’t know. I don’t know if you have ever tried to name a band before but it’s really tough because one, lots of stupid ideas
come out of peoples mouths, and two it’s really hard to agree on something, you got five guys and you all want to be on the same page. We were so far along with the
band, we had everything in place. We had the music, we even had gigs booked but we couldn’t even start a Myspace page because we didn’t have a name. So we
just agreed on it. We were a little nervous that we were going to be pigeon-holed as a Christian-rock band but then our first single was “Addicted” and it became
abundantly clear that we were not a Christian-rock band.

Katrina: What have you learned while touring?

Scott: I’ve learned how to be self-sufficient, like you know, it’s pretty tough to go into a city that you’ve never been to before and have to deal with finding things. I like
I like to work out, so you just learn how to identify with people in towns that you’ve never been to before. You really get to be good at meeting new people. If you show
up somewhere and it turns out you need to find out how to get to a Wal-Mart to get some toothpaste, and you need to make it to somewhere to get your laundry done,
you just kind of learn how to co-exist in ways that you didn’t before. You’re no longer at home, you’re out there and you just have to learn how to meet people and get
things done. It’s actually kind of cool, it’s fun.

Katrina: Who were your musical influences growing up and have they changed?

Scott: I think growing up I was pretty much rooted in classic rock. From the Beatles, to the Stones, to Pink Floyd were a huge influence for me. And then when I
started playing guitar, Pearl Jam was really big. And I think that the way they’ve changed, those bands will never die for me because it’s where I’m rooted. But you
want to stay up on your Rock n Roll when you are in a rock band that’s trying to hit it big and stay on top. So all the bands that we tour with I try to get all their b-sides
and stuff that they never released. I love to just kind of immerse myself in all that.

Katrina: Which artist would you like to tour or work with?

Scott: Alice In Chains. The way that they ended the 80’s and brought something new, it became very difficult to re-invent the wheel, music has been around for a long
time now and there’s only so much you can do. Alice In Chains came out, they literally re-invented the wheel and made a different sound, and sonically it was very
interesting. And that’s why I would love to pick their brains.

Katrina: How do you write your songs and where do you get your ideas from?

Scott: Anywhere. Ideas can come in the strangest of places, when you’re writing in the first person or second, it’s like you can really write a song just about
everything. There’s always analogies and things like that. The way that we write, I was a classical guitar major so it’s common for me to just kind of pick up the guitar
and come up with maybe a little bit of a weird chord progression. But I don’t always come up with great melodies I’m more of a guitar guy so I might go to somebody
else in the band, every one of us writes and I’ll be like hey I’ve got this chord progression, do you have any ideas. Maybe all of us will have some lyrics laying around
and we’ll just see if it all jives. And sometimes you just pick up a guitar and you write a whole song. It’s always fun to collaborate I think.

Katrina: What’s your favorite venue to play?

Scott: The smaller clubs are where we came from so we don’t want to forget about that. There’s something about being able to see the gleam in everybody’s eyes
from the stage, that’s always nice. They see a lot of sweat literally so it’s kind of more intimate. But then you know when your in your basement playing music in 8th
and 9th grade with people for the first time you dream about being on a huge stage. I think they both have their perks, but it’s really cool the way we’re doing this right
now. We’re here in Canada playing smaller clubs, I think we got one coming up where the capacity is like 200 and two days later we’re in front of 15,000.

Katrina: What’s your favorite song to perform?

Scott: It kind of changes you know. The most recent single “Drowing Face Down: is a lot of fun. That’s the guitar solo I was just telling you about. That’s always a fun
one for me. And then there’s also some hard rockers like “New Tattoo” and “I’n God’s Eyes”, they are just upbeat fast tempo kind of melt your face face rock n roll,
those are always fun too.

Katrina: What do you think makes a good live show?

Scott: I’d say being able to connect with your audience, I mean it’s not always easy. Sometimes there are times you just have to show up and play at seven o’clock on
a Sunday night and you’re the opening band and people happen to get there early because they want to get to the front and see their favorite headlining band, and
they’re not there for you. But any band that can win over the crowd I think deserves kudos.

Katrina: What’s one thing you can’t tour without?

Scott: Whiskey always helps. We always end up with some wild kind of stories when there’s too much whiskey involved. They are probably too Rated R.

Katrina: What advice can you give to people who are wanting to create a band?

Scott: Get management involved as soon as you feel like you’re ready to take the next step because that is what worked for us. The people that manage bands are
able to help you get your product into peoples hands that you just can’t do. They’re not going to take you seriously if you walk into a record label and say I want a
record deal here’s my demo. It never happens. So you need people that they trust so always seek management would be my advice for those people looking to get

Katrina: Have you noticed a difference in fans within Canada and the States?

Scott: Well it’s interesting because here in Canada I think we just released the third single and actually I think the second single is still kind of banging here. In the
States our third single you know, everyone is kind of fired up about it and people are starting to sing it. Whereas here (Canada) no ones heard it yet. Like here they
freak out to “Addicted”, everybody just seems to dig the music. I mean the only difference would be that certain songs get released different times in different places.
Other than that everybody that comes to a Saving Abel show are ready to rock, that’s awesome.