Rev Theory
January 21, 2009
Rich Luzzi
Katrina: How did you come up with the name for your band?

Rich: Honestly it was a long time ago and we had a list full of names, our original name was Revelation Theory and we tried to pick the two
names from different ones and just really put it together. Then over a period of time the name just took shape and something that means
something to you personally. Each guy in the band took their own meaning of the name but for me personally, when you have a revelation
or have an awakening and you know music for me was my awakening against other things in my life. And then Theory is kind of what your
thought on things, that’s basically what I took away from it. Then we shortened it to Rev Theory just because a lot of people always
screwed it up and it’s just a lot easier to remember.

Katrina: What have you learned while touring?

Rich: That nothing is given to you, that you have to work hard for everything so don’t expect anything.

Katrina: Who were your musical influences growing up and have they changed?

Rich: Growing up early on Appetite For Destruction was something that really changed my life and put me in the fore-front of rock but I
grew up a huge Sound Garden fan and STP and Alice In Chains. I don’t think my musical influences have changed all that much honestly, I’
ve just opened up my spectrum of what I listen to more but my influences are still the same.

Katrina: Which artist would you like to tour or work with?

Rich: I think collectively as a band would love to work with the Foo Fighters. It’s just a amazing feel that Dave Grohl was in one of the
biggest bands in the history of the world and then he goes on and sees the world that being Nirvana and starts the Foo Fighters and
becomes the front-man and does it all again is pretty amazing.

Katrina: How do you write your songs and where do you get your ideas from?

Rich: The ideas basically come from everyday life. Things that we’ve experienced or what we witnessed or see or something that we feel
about and mostly all the time the songs pretty much start from Matt or Jules with a guitar riff and then it inspires something else collectively
and we just all work on it.

Katrina: What’s your favorite venue to play?

Rich: I don’t know, there’s so many that’s a tough one.

Katrina: What’s your most memorable moment?

Rich: Every day that I step on stage is a memorable moment. I don’t take one for being greater than the next. I’m just fortunate that I get to
do what I love for a living. So everyday that I step out on the stage I just smile and thank God for doing it.

Katrina: What’s your favorite song to perform?

Rich: I think it changes depending on what kind of mood I’m in. There’s never really the one song that constantly stays the favorite to
perform. Every some that we play in our set I enjoy, especially because the record is still fairly new for us so it’s fun to keep playing these
songs. I just think it depends on the mood and that week and that day, what you’re feeling depicts what song it’s going to be.         

Katrina: What do you think makes a good live show?

Rich: Energy, compassion, conveying the emotions of the song to the audience and just getting up there and sweating it out and look like
you are performing.

Katrina: Do you think Myspace had an impact on where you are now?

Rich: I think it definitely helps as far as creating awareness and creating a fan base and allowing people to discover you and visit what’s
going on. I’m not sure that it played a huge role in where we are today because I really think that touring and writing great songs is what
got us where we are today. Myspace was just a form of advertising and allowing fans to find out who we are.

Katrina: What advice can you give to other people who are wanting to create a band?

Rich: Always have a plan, don’t just think it’s going to happen. Map out a specific plan for yourself, where you would like to see yourself in
six months, a year and a year and a half. And write as many songs as you possibly can, play as many shows you can in front of as little
people or as many people as you possibly can.