August 18, 2005
Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Daniel Adair, Mike Kroeger
Katrina: Why are you guys so great?

Ryan: Well, uh Daniel?
Daniel: It’s completely un-intentional.
Ryan: I don’t know what that means.

Katrina: A lot of bands that I’ve talked to, they always say that you guys have opened the doors for all different Canadian artists to go out
into other countries. So what are your thoughts on Canadian music going outside of Canada?

Ryan: It’s cool that that’s kind of turned out that way. We kind of, I don’t know, it wasn’t really formulated that we were trying to break
down doors to go internationally it was a nice thing that happened. I don’t know it was a start of things that yeah others bands now get. It
not such a weird thing to have a Canadian band, it’s not a stigma anymore to be a Canadian band. So that is kind of cool it worked out that
way. Unintentional I guess.
Chad: I think at the start when we first started off I mean I think we almost beat it to death a little bit. People would be like “so what are
some of your favorite Canadian bands?” and well we love Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, and Sum 41 and we would just try and tell other
people in different countries as many Canadian bands we could that we enjoyed and we thought they should get recognition and that’s
just wonderful comradery.
Ryan: It’s when we tank that we can actually open for them. When we’re on our way down.
Chad: Please, please take us on the road with you.
Ryan: Good karma.
Chad: When no one wants to see us anymore.

Katrina: There’s a lot of new bands coming out, so what are some of your thoughts on who should be making it big soon?

Chad: Who should be making it big soon. Well Sam Roberts has made a huge splash in Canada and we like that and those guys are great.
Ryan: I like Alexisonfire.
Chad: I knew you were going to say Alexisonfire. That was the next one I was going to say.
Ryan: And The Arcade Fire, been making a lot of noise out there. It’s some interesting stuff and cool stuff coming from Canada so really
different style stuff. It’s not even like, bands don’t sound Canadian anymore. People used to say they sound Canadian and I don’t think
that’s an issue anymore. I think there’s such a diverse range of stuff it’s very cool attention is being brought to bands.

Katrina: How do you write your songs and where do you get your ideas from?

Chad: How does that happen.
Ryan: Comic books.
Chad: Comic books. No it happens in different ways. Usually there’s kind of a main idea, main theme that I’ll bring into the guys and ask
them what they think. Usually they tell me it sucks and then I’ll go back and try and make it better and once I’ve got a decent idea, a verse
and a chorus and I can bring something to show the guys and we all enjoy the piece of music then we’ll start building on it, well work on it
and that’s the way it goes. This time around there was a lot of spontaneity in the studio. There was a lot of things that weren’t written that
we weren’t really accustom to. We usually have our homework done when we’re recording, just the way we rehearsed or practiced and
this time we left a lot, what do you want to do now? You know where should we go from here and things just kind of gelled and came
together at the last minute. It just worked that way.

Katrina: You guys grew up in a small town, what was it like to move to a big city and then start a band and become so great?

Chad: That’s a lot of pressure.
Ryan: What was the first part of that? I don’t know why we decided, we had nothing else better to do. Really at that point for me it was like
we really had nothing to loose, it was a time in our life we kind of, I guess that if we’re going to do it, might as well do it now. Because we
were, I don’t know, irresponsible with our day jobs.
Chad: Tell her the truth.
Ryan: I don’t care if they fired me.
Chad: Because if you get into a rock band, if you make it anywhere, you get to sleep in.
Ryan: I mean that’s great.
Chad: It’s the truth.
Ryan: That’s cool.
(Chad’s cell phone rings)
Chad: Now I have to tell my mother who I was calling that they can’t call me right now. See I just turned my mom down.

Katrina: Who were your musical influences growing up and have they changed?

Mike: Musical influences growing up. We listened to Metalica and I think we still do. Megadeath, not really a visible influence in this band.
Ryan: I don’t know, I listened to everything. I listened to Metalica, I think for everybody. Then I kind of got to Blue Rodeo and then got to
various things like
(Chad’s phone rings) the various ringtones that come out of phones.
Chad: Mom, mom.
Ryan: I was mucho-inspired by that.
Chad: Hold on one sec, mom’s going to be mad.
Ryan: This wasn’t planned.
Daniel: Oh this was totally off the cuff.
Chad: I’m shutting my phone off.
Mike: Great idea.
Ryan: I don’t know, what do you guys think? Let’s ask Daniel, see what he comes up with.
Daniel: I have to concur, Metalica., big Metalica fan. A lot of Rush, that’s my Canadian roots. A lot of Led Zeppelin, I was a huge fan John
Bottom. That drummer and like other great rock drummers he choked on his own vomit so hopefully I’ll last till I’m 32 at least.
Ryan: Yeah it’s coming.
Chad: Good answer.

Katrina: What advice can you give to people who are wanting to create a band?

Chad: Well, try not to play too much of another bands music, I mean it always happens it’s the first thing you do is learn other peoples
music and it kind of helps you with your style a bit. Right off the bat I would suggest try and be as original as you possibly can and try and
carve out your own sound. Then I would say record something as soon as possibly can and then listen back to it and it will really give you
a really harsh reality to what it sounds like and you’ll be like, well, we suck and we need to practice a lot as we did. Or you might be on the
right track very early but as soon as you got that recording. It also helps when someone says “what do you sound like?”, instead of trying
to describe, well we kind of sound like this or we kind of sound like that, you just hand them your demo tape no matter what the quality is
then that person can formulate their own judgement.
Katrina: So as a big name band, what’s one of your most embarrassing moments?

Chad: Most embarrassing moment?
Mike: That phone ringing thing was pretty good.
Chad: Yeah my mom calling during the interview, that was embarrassing.
Ryan: That was good.
Chad: Ryan I know what one of yours probably is.
Ryan: Yeah but we’re talking about the band.
Ryan: I don’t want to split hairs. Let’s talk about the band.
Chad: We can just set it up. I’ll just ask questions. Ryan, how many people were there?
Ryan: I think it was a small gig, about 80 ... thousand people.
Chad: 80 thousand people. What country was it?
Ryan: I think it was Germany.
Chad: What was the weather like?
Ryan: You know it was, the conditions were a little slippery, not icy but slippery, little wet, little damp. Not good cowboy boot weather. I’ll
finish it. Yeah, jumped off stage, we were starting “Because Of You”, good rock song, really wanted to get into it. Jumped off onto the
second kind of tier at this huge festival and made that, took about two or three more steps and hit a heel, I don’t know what the hell it was,
mud and rain and went from vertical to right on my back. Not even like half way with my elbows just went. I laid there and was like how the
hell am I going to get out of this, looking half okay.
Daniel: It was televised also.
Ryan: Apparently yeah everybody got to see replays at night.
Mike: It was even for sale on the internet.
Ryan: It was seriously about six-feet down so nobody in the band actually saw it. Just everybody out front. That was a treat.

Katrina: What’s your most memorable moment?

Daniel: That. For me, that.
Ryan: Most memorable moment. That’s interesting. I don’t know. I got a chance to meet Willie Nelson one night and I thought that was
pretty cool. So that’s topping it for me because he’s pretty, apparently he’s done well.
Mike: Tell them the story. Tell them how you were on his bus drinking.
Ryan: Yeah well at the AMA’s and we mentioned we want to meet him and some guy said “you want to meet him now? Come on let’s go”
so he took us to the bus. We sat and I’m like I’m not going to be that guy, I’m not going to talk to you about, remember “Whiskey River”?
That was awesome. He was very cool, very very cool. He pulled out his whiskey and told us there’s no glasses you have to drink out of
the bottle. That was very nice. Just like home.
Daniel: We got to Toronto, I was with 3 Doors Down, we got to Toronto and we played the Mike Bullard show and that night Alex Lyson
called the guitarist in the band, he’s the Russian guitarist and he invited us to our house for dinner and Alex made us this wonderful
Spanish-seafood dinner and we sampled his fine wines and that was probably a pinnacle moment for me. I promised myself I wouldn’t
what (Ryan) was talking about but I had probably four glasses of wine and said, man you know I just love all your stuff, you are the best
and then all the guys in the band are going (shaking heads). Idiot. So I kind of blew it but he appreciated it. That’s probably my most
memorable moment.
Chad: I’ll bet that he remembers you out of everybody else in the band.
Daniel: Probably does.
Ryan: (To Daniel) Your not going out to dinner with us by the way. With anybody.
Daniel: I want BigMac’s.

Katrina: So I heard that when you’re in Saskatchewan there’s a certain kind of sausage you guys like by the name of Osolinsky?

Chad: Of course we do. We love Osolinsky sausage.
Katrina: Fresh from Saskatchewan, Osolinsky sausage.
Daniel: Sweet.
Ryan: We have a whole freezer of that stuff.
Chad: Not just Osolinsky’s finest, but Osolinsky’s finest, in garlic sausage.
Mike: I’ve never been handed a sausage on tv.
Chad: This is expensive, this is $13.99 a Kg.
Ryan: Thank you.
Chad: I’m going to eat this right now. You know what, we’re going to go into catering and we’re going to get them to fry us up. Going to
have a Osolinsky hot dog.
Katrina: Well you’ve got pyro.
Chad: We do have pyro.
Daniel: Let’s cook it tonight.
Ryan: Let’s just save it.
Chad: We don’t normally cook wieners on the pyro but I don’t think that would taste very good.
Mike: Can I ask you where the hell did you hear that?
Katrina: My uncle knows the guy who owns Osolinsky’s.
Mike: You’re plugged into the sausage sub-culture.
Katrina: Well I am a Nickelback fan so I had to do my research on you guys.
Ryan: You’re digging deep for that one.
Chad: We brought something for you too. We thought that it you were going to wonder around you should probably put one of these (All-
Access Pass) and that means you can come and go as you please.
Mike: You can do whatever you want.
Chad: You can do whatever you want. You can wonder up on stage half way through the set, just don’t get burnt.
Katrina: Thank you so much.
Chad: Well I don’t know if the backstage pass is as cool as the sausage. You can’t eat it, and it won’t save you if you’re on a mountain top
by yourself but, I’m going to eat my sausage.

Katrina: What’s the nicest or craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Chad: Brought us sausage.
Mike: Yeah pretty much. Give a coil of garlic sausage on tv.
Ryan: Yeah actually I would say that is the nicest and craziest. That’s cool.
Mike: Pretty nice and crazy.
Chad: I think we’ve had crazier and you guys all know that’s true.
Ryan: No.
Mike: Well you can’t say them on Ctv.
Chad: It’s true I don’t think we can say them on Ctv.

Katrina: Who causes the most trouble in the group?

Chad: (Points to Daniel).
Daniel: Whoa I didn’t even have time to prove it. I’ll work on it though.
Ryan: That’s a good one.
Chad: Probably me.
Mike: Yeah.
Ryan: Yeah probably you.
Chad: Oh probably me. I cause trouble.

Katrina: Which artist would you love to tour or work with?

Chad: Led Zeppelin. I hear they’re not touring anymore.
Ryan: Yeah that’s what I heard.
Chad: Damn them.
Daniel: Metalica would be cool.
Mike: I’d say Led Zeppelin is a good choice but I think they retired. Maybe just John Paul Jones, what do you think about that?
Chad: I don’t know about that. Actually one of Ryan’s favorite bands is Blue Rodeo. One of all of our favorite bands. I mean we love Blue
Rodeo but I mean Ryan really loves Blue Rodeo.
Mike: Those guys are wild too.
Ryan: Good band.
Chad: They’re awesome.
Ryan: They’d be cool to tour with, I don’t know if we’d keep up though. That’s the problem, heavy drinkers. No I’m just kidding, I’m just
kidding, I’m totally kidding. They’re actually quite nice. They shared their booze with us. That’s one of the nicest things a band can do with
another band. Share their booze, so it was quite nice, shared a couple of beers with those guys.

Katrina: What’s your favorite song to perform?

Chad: Um, what’s your favorite one?
Daniel: “Woke Up This Morning”. That’s my favorite.
Chad: “Woke Up This Morning”? I like that one too.
Daniel: Yeah it’s one of my favorite tunes.
Chad: I’m going to probably say “Woke Up” is a good one. I like that one.
Daniel: It’s alright.
Chad: What’s your favorite one?
Ryan: I like “Because Of You”, I like that one. I like playing heavy tunes. “Because Of You” is a good one to play.
Chad: Mike what’s your favorite song?
Mike: Look at me, the guy who takes other peoples answers in the interview. “Because Of You” that’s mine. I was going to say it before
you were though.
Ryan: Is that right?
Mike: Yeah, right.
Ryan: Yeah whatever.

Katrina: What’s your favorite venue to play?

Chad: Outdoors is a lot of fun. You can’t really predict the mayhem, it’s all very spontaneous, it could rain at any second, anything could
happen. You are at the mercy of the elements and people, never under-estimate the stupidity of people in large groups. Sometimes things
just go wonderfully well and sometimes they’re very chaotic. I kind of like that, I like that riding the fine line between greatness and chaos.
Not only that, usually people are very intoxicated at the large outside/outdoor shows and those were my favorite I think when I was going
to shows. I loved shows like Lolapoluza, the big outdoor festivals where there’s just, there’s all these little cities that wind up starting off it’
s just great traveling around and meeting lots of people.
Ryan: And the sausage vendors.
Chad: And the sausage vendors.
Ryan: Wow.
Chad: It’s hard to do that in a sort of a confined indoor environment where you’ve designated to a seat, it’s tough to get around from such
and such and when you’re outdoors there’s whatever, ten, twenty, thirty thousand people you’re just wondering around meeting people.
Every fifty steps there's a whole new environment.
Ryan: What do you like? What would you rather go see?
Katrina: Doesn’t matter, if it’s you guys I’ll go anywhere.
Chad: We like her, we like her a lot.
Ryan: Yeah.
Katrina: Well it’s true.

Katrina: What do you think makes a good live show?

Chad: When I go to a show I want to be entertained. I truly want to be. (Mike laughs) What’s so funny? (Mike) just starts to laugh. I find that
if a band just stands there and doesn’t have a lot of energy, you might as well stay home and listen to the cd. When a band, you can see it,
you can visually tell that this band is having a great time performing their songs live and they’re concerned about you having a good time.
Which usually means that they’ve brought something to the show, it’s not just four or five guys or whatever it is just standing there
playing their songs. I like that and that’s something we try to do. We try to incorporate a lot of fun things. We do a lot of pyro and we bring
the big stage and lots of lights. That way, if we’re having a bad show and we’re not performing the songs to the best of our ability at least
there’s other things there that can keep the people’s attention.

Katrina: What’s one thing you can’t tour without?

Mike: Probably, well I know I could never go anywhere without my tech because I tried to turn on my bass amp today by myself.
Ryan: Didn’t work out so good did it?
Mike: He has the best job security going.
Ryan: It’s like firing the space shuttle I think.
Mike: It is,  I had no idea. Took me about twenty minutes to realize that I have no idea.
Ryan: What was the question again? I’m sorry I was really immersed in that.
Katrina: What’s one thing you can’t tour without?
Ryan: Something I can’t tour without. Um, gotta have cold beer. Mmm, cold beer, yeah.
Chad: Mmm.
Ryan: Doesn’t really matter what kind.
Daniel: I need running shoes. I have to have my running shoes.
Ryan: A new set everyday? (Passes Daniel the mic)
Daniel: You got the mic all the way over here to say running shoes.
Ryan: Running slacks.
Chad: I mean it’s something we can do without but I love having the explosions and stuff. I love it. I love the explosions and the forty-foot
flames shooting out of the stage and stuff. I mean people get such a kick out of that. I love it when we get to take the entire show with us
everywhere we go and it just feels like we’re giving them the best we can give.

Katrina: Thank you so much for doing this interview.
Chad: Thank you.
Katrina: Being that I’m a Nickelback fan and the sausage wasn’t enough, I got you guys a extra something too.
Chad: As if the sausage wasn’t enough.
Mike: What could top that.
(Pass out the gifts)
Chad: What do we got here? We got shot glasses that actually say Nickelback Rocks.
Daniel: That’s very cool. Thank you.                                                
Ryan: We got you a stupid laminate.
Chad: Yeah we got you a laminate.
Ryan: Whoa man.
Chad: We’re going to get you cool stuff. Where did you get all this stuff?
Ryan: She made it.
(Opens the wrapped gifts)
Ryan: Matching earrings
Chad: I was going to say I think it is earrings at first but then I realized it’s not.
Mike: Awesome.
Chad: These are, guitar picks and they’ve got your web site on them. That’s very cool.
Mike: And we got a hand drum.
Chad: They are a little hand drum, no way.
Mike: Now you can rock anytime.
Ryan: Than you so much.
Daniel: Thank you.
Chad: Well we’ve got, I think we can possibly find some more stuff, some more presents for you somewhere.
Daniel: We’ll give you some drumsticks.
Chad: I think we’ve got some stuff kicking around. Why don’t we take a walk.
This was recorded and parts were used for the CTV show
eTalk Playlist. You can view the clip here.