Faber Drive
November 13, 2012
Jeremy Liddle
Katrina: What experience did you gain recording the last album that contributed to this new album?

Jeremy: I think the biggest experience we gained from the last album is to do it ourselves and produce it ourselves. We did “Get Up And
Dance” on our own and we were kind of just blown away by how big of a success it was for us and we really wanted to try our hand at it
again. We kind of gotten to the point now that we record pretty much all of our vocals for our albums at our home studio and we do a lot of
the production ourselves. We just love having that connection with our music, we are very hands on and its just something that comes
straight from us.

Katrina: How long did it take to write and record “Lost In Paradise”?

Jeremy: We took about a year and a half to write and record it . We’re huge fans of collaboration so we really wanted to do a lot of writing
trips and going to different places and writing with people. We went down to L.A. three or four times and worked with some friends we
made there that we call the “Goldstein Boys”. The one dude is named Andrew Goldstein and he’s from a band called The Friday Night
Boys and we wrote four songs with them. We went to Toronto for a trip and wrote with Shawn Desman and did some stuff with Raine
Maida from Our Lady Peace. We spent about a year travelling throughout North America writing with different people and took the songs
that were the best. We had about seventy songs and took the songs that we liked the best and created the album with it.

Katrina:  What is your favorite song on the new album?

Jeremy: It’s a little bit of a toss up right now between “Too Little Too Late” and “Lost In Paradise”. When we wrote “Lost In Paradise” and
got the demo all finished myself and Faber we both like wow this might be the best song we’ve ever written in our opinion. We just love the
feeling and emotion behind it and we think its really cool and really modern without losing the original Faber Drive power ballad kind of
style that we’re known for.

Katrina: What’s one song you wish you wrote?

Jeremy: I don’t know. You might have to say “Call Me Maybe”. She’s a good friend of ours and its just been insane to see how one song
has taken her from being a Vancouver recording artist to a superstar, that’s just amazing and I’m really happy for her.

Katrina: How often do you rehearse at home?

Jeremy: Depends. When we are getting ready for a tour we’ll practice about five nights a week, three to four hours a night. Our live show is
really important to us and we feel like we bring a lot of energy and a really great show to the stage and we don’t really want to disappoint
the people that pay $to come see us so we work really hard at our live show and make sure it’s the best it can be.

Katrina: If you woke up tomorrow having gained one ability or quality, what would it be?

Jeremy: The ability to do a backflip, just standing on the ground and do a backflip. I’ve seen people do it but I can’t understand how you
can possibly do that.

Katrina: Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want to have dinner with?

Jeremy: That’s a tough one. I’m going to go ahead and say John Lennon, that would be very interesting. Or any of The Beatles for really. I
mean they were song writing giants so I would love to pick their brain about how they write and what they do. They really created a style of
songwriting of their own and that people are still trying to copy forty years down the road.

Katrina: What’s the first song you ever learnt?

Jeremy: The first song I ever learnt was actually “Just What I Needed” by The Cars which is kind of funny because we ended up covering it
on “Can’t Keep A Secret”. My brother was putting together a band, like a cover band for his friends wedding and he didn’t have a bass
player and I never played bass before so he asked me if I wanted to learn how to play the song and play bass for him.

Katrina: You have toured Canada a few times now, even though this is the start of your new tour, does it feel different?

Jeremy: Its exciting for us that’s probably the main thing. Its been almost three years since we toured across Canada and we’re just really
stoke to get back out and see all the people we haven’t seen in years and bring our show back to the stage and keep going with this Faber
Drive thing. It’s been amazing for us. We’re pretty excited to share a bus with Fighting For Ithaca guys, they’re our buddies from Vancouver
and we’ll have some good hands for the next few weeks.

Katrina: About six years ago when I last interviewed you, when I asked you which artist would you like to tour or work with you said Fallout
Boy, has that changed?

Jeremy: Yeah I would say that’s probably changed. They are a great band and they had a really good run and now I would say Green Day
is a band that I think everybody in the band would really want to tour with. I’ve always been a huge fan of theirs since “Dookie”, since back
in the day and they are still doing it, they are still making music, still having success and I think it would be really fun to share the stage with
them and spend some time hanging out with them.

Katrina: If you weren’t in a band, what career do you think you would have?

Jeremy: If I wasn’t in a band I would probably be an accountant. I was a really good student and I was always great at math and I just
started playing in a band in grade nine and just fell in love with music and overtime it became my first love and what I wanted to do. And so
I have just been pursuing it and following it and seeing where it would take me. If I hadn’t started playing music I probably would be in a
very different place right now.