Art Of Dying
September 15, 2007
Jonny Hetherington, Greg Bradley, Matt Rhode, Chris Witoski, Adam
Katrina: How did you come up with the name for your band?

Matt: What is it, the life you’re going to lead?
Greg: Honestly it was from a former member, who is no longer with the band. He died.
Matt: In a tragic plane crash, and he was naked, on a lot of pain killers he snorted. He thought it was a plane.
Greg: It was something he came up with and we just liked it. It wasn’t really as deep but we turned it into our own.

Katrina: What have you learned while touring?

Matt: To eat a little better than we do.
Greg: Take a vitamin a day.
Adam: Snort coke, fall asleep.
Matt: It’s Adams first tour and that’s what he learned. Try and get as much rest as possible even though we’ve learned that we still don’t do
Greg: Selectively pick your drinking nights.
Matt: If you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch. I learned that then I got kicked out onto the porch.

Katrina: Who were your musical influences growing up and have they changed?

Greg: My hero band as far as a guitar player has always been Zepplin. And later on I discovered I liked The Beatles but now I fucking love
The Beatles so I have to say that kind of changed for me. And I’m always into hearing new shit. Chevelle one of my favorite records right
now, and Brand New. It hasn’t really changed but I’m always open. What’s going on now.
Chris: Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Taproot, and The Police.
Adam: Tool, and Tower Of Power.
Matt: He hates music right now. He’s not influenced by anybody except his egocentric self inside.
Adam: I influence myself.
Matt: Huey Lewis, The News, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, anything new but doesn’t suck. Like Moneen, Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Brian Adams
when he doesn’t play, that’s a good solo show. Sound Garden, Foo Fighters, Nirvana.
Jonny: I heard you say Brian Adams, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Sound Garden, 1994. Anything that came out in ‘94'. Damien Rice.
Matt: And KOTB for life. New Kids On The Block, bring it on. ‘94', the end of it all.

Katrina: How do you write your songs and where do you get your ideas from?

Greg: From the Sky
Matt: We just sit around and write. I don’t think we preconceived any kind of writing stuff. I think everyone writes on their own and then
everybody writes together.
Chris: We all tell each other how much it sucks, then get drunk.
Greg: We just bring stuff together and then we all gravitate to it. Jon will take it and write the lyrics and we’re good to go.

Katrina: What’s your favorite venue to play? (Outdoor, club ...)

Matt: Outdoor festivals.
Greg: I love outdoor festivals.
Matt: Download festival in the UK, six-thousand people, giant.
Greg: And I like big clubs. Like we played Grande Prairie the other night.
Chris: The Regina club was pretty cool too.
Greg: The Commodore in Vancouver is a great place.
Matt: Outdoors is wicked. I like outdoor festivals on hot days with lots of girls in bikinis, and they take off their bikinis.
Chris: I’ve never done an outdoor snow show before.
Matt: I’ve haven’t done one yet. I would though.
Chris: It’s fun to watch from your living room, with your fire place.
Matt: You could wear a scarf.

Katrina: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Chris: Last night, I jumped and my guitar fell off and I put it back on and then as soon as I get it back on I stepped on my cable and pulled it
out again. So that Sucked.
Greg: I once got a piece of gum caught in my hair, and it was flying around and I had to cut it out.
Matt: I’m trying to think. It’s got to be a big bail for me.
Chris: I actually saw you with On Holiday.
Matt: Yeah we’ll go with that because I ended up breaking my foot that night. I didn’t really get it checked out and it still hurts.
Chris: I fell so many times. Last time in Edmonton I fell straight over my fucking monitor and right on my ass. Everyone openly laughed
after the song was over. It was good but I think my most embarrassing moment was our show in Edmonton where I couldn’t hear any
pitch, I was so pissed off.
Matt: He was going to pull an Axl.
Chris: I quit singing.
Matt: So we started doing more air kicks and ninja moves and everything was fine and no one knew.

Katrina: What’s your most memorable moment?

Greg: All of what we just said.
Chris: We only focus on the negatives here.
Matt: Even the negatives are memorable moments.
Greg: Download in England last year.
Matt: The whole Seether tour. That was a great memorable moment.
Chris: London.
Matt: Yeah London actually that’s my favorite stage we’ve ever played. Radiohead filmed their dvd there. Epic bands played there. First
time in England pretty much playing the coolest venue.
Chris: The Download would have to be it for me. We were still in shock from arriving in England and all of a sudden we’re on stage with six-
thousand people. And the next thing you know there’s six fucking hot chicks on stilts dancing behind us.
Matt: In bikinis.
Chris: And Matt’s wearing a devil head. And none of it was planned. One the flight over we were talking about the show, we thought it
would be a shit stage and forty people in front.
Matt: And that’s what they hyped it up as. Don’t expect to play to more than one-hundred people is what they told us. I think we played to
the biggest crowd of the whole festival on that stage.
Chris: That was pretty cool.
Matt: Very memorable.

Katrina: What’s the nicest or craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Matt: Show us their boobs and let us sign them.
Chris: Or you could have said let us have sex with them.
Matt: The people that let us do them. That’s fun.
Greg: I had a fan in England give me a charm bracelet after a show and she said I was really cool and that was kind of dearing.
Matt: I remember those charm bracelet girls. They were cool. Our fans are cool.

Katrina: What’s your favorite song to perform?

Greg: I’d say “You Don’t Know Me”. It’s fun and energetic. Second song in, gets people going.
Chris: I’d say “Beautiful” is my favorite. Lots of fun parts.
Matt: “Crime” or “Beautiful” for me.
Chris: I’m liking “Completely” now actually. It’s good energy.
Matt: My favorite part of our set is the ending now. When we go back into the beat. Total Queens Of The Stone Age. Let’s go for a longer
beat tonight though. I’m going to jump on your bass drum.

Katrina: Who causes the most trouble in the group?

Chris: Matt.
Matt: Yeah, your mean guys.
Greg: It’s true. We’re all medium maintenance and Matt’s high.
Chris: Very high. You gotta watch what you say.
Matt: Easily offendable.
Greg: Very right now.
Matt: Yeah I’m not playing this show. I’m out. I want to go home.
Chris: He keeps all his bass tracks recorded so if he gets offended before the show he doesn’t have to play.
Matt: You guys keep it so I can go. Get a cardboard cut-out of me. It’s one leg that does this (kicking). The ninja kick.
Chris: Because we can’t afford moving joints. Like Chuckie Cheese.

Katrina: What do you think makes a good live show?

Chris: Intensity.
Matt: Fans.
Greg: We feed off of the crowd. It doesn’t matter what happens.
Chris: Losing yourself in the moment. It’s so stupid to say but it’s hard to get there sometimes, but once you get there it’s like that’s surreal.

Katrina: What advice can you give to people who are wanting to create a band?

Matt: Don’t do it. Get out now. Or be prepared to stick it out for the long haul.
Chris: If you’re like twenty, go for it. You’re going to have to grind it out for a lot of years.
Matt: Practice, don’t suck. Don’t take shortcuts, don’t cheat. Play music for yourself.
Greg: Yeah be a good musician.
Chris: Don’t give up. If you believe in what your doing keep fucking doing it. Eventually if you get good and it affects other people then all
of a sudden that’s what it’s all about. Something jumps on someone else, it’s success. It’s about the passing of the vibe.
Matt: Keeper of the vibe.

Katrina: What do you think about how Canadian music is being shown around the world right now?

Matt: It’s pretty awesome.
Chris: When we were in England we kept seeing Billy Talent stuff and Alexisonfire stuff and this one place we played there was like seven
or eight Canadian bands that were just like way up on the bill.
Matt: Strapping Young Lad, Alexisonfire, Moneen, Billy Talent.
Chris: But I think as perceived, music in general, obviously the Canadian females are pretty fucking big among the rest of the world.
Matt: Like Nelly Furtado.
Chris: I personally a fan of them. Their respect level is huge. And the rock bands, I think it’s growing a lot too.
Matt: With Three Days Grace and all that.